Badpixel WAX

Badpixel’s origin story takes place in the dark dive bars and seedy haunts of Toronto’s underground music scene in the 2000s.  In a bit of a nod to our rocked-out roots, we’ve decided to re-align some of our resources, infrastructure, knowhow and publishing rights from a former life – and put them to use in the establishment of a new indie recording & production label!

The combination of our well equipped recording studio, limitless video production and visual building skills; along with our extensive professional background in big-brand advertising and marketing seemed like a potent combo when paired with our deep roots in underground music. 

At present, we’re functioning as a fun, strictly creative endeavor to help release and promote the musical projects of members of the Badpixel family.

Check out the latest offerings and support by stopping by the artists’ shops for some killer music and merch!: