by | Oct 11, 2018


After a couple of crazy months in the shop, things are starting to settle a bit. This week’s internal challenge at Badpixel? Taking previously farm-rendered 3D content real-time and online.

For those unfamiliar, Sketchfab is an online platform that allows real-time previewing and manipulation of 3D models and animation (in a browser window). Published content can be customized and embedded into social and web pages, similarly to how one would embed video content from Youtube or Vimeo.

We threw together this quick little piece using content that was created some time ago in Maya. A bit of scene tweaking and optimization was required to get things looking passable but the overall procedure was very quick and easy. Once published, the content can be viewed in an embedded frame, full-screen or even in VR. Some platforms even support this content for banner and interactive ad units.

Yeah, yeah we know – “Welcome to the party, Johnny-come-lately” Online live 3D content is nothing new; However, solutions up to now have been clunky, and time-consuming (costly) to develop. The massive advantage that platforms like Sketchfab offer, is a streamlined, developer-free pipe from concept to publishing.

Upon familiarizing ourselves with the workflow, the massive potential for technical and product visualization became immediately apparent. We found the VR functionality to be decent – opening a door to fast, cost-effective architectural VR and previz for video production. Our next play session with the platform will be environmental.

We’re really excited to offer this new service! If you or your clients can benefit from this exciting new medium, email or give us a call today to chat! We’d love to hear from you!

  • Technical Illustration
  • Product Visualization
  • Architectural Visualization
  • Rich media ad units
  • Interactive user manuals
  • Cinema pre-production (Pre-viz)