Creative & Art Direction

Badpixel creative services can bring your big ideas to market with higher production value and less friction than conventional creative shops. The secret sauce is our integration of creative ideation with diverse, world-class in-house production know-how! Click to find out more!

Badpixel | ArtDirection
Badpixel | Animation


We’ve got one of the most efficient 2D / 3D animation pipelines for a small shop anywhere! Over the years, Badpixel has built a reputation as one of Canada’s leading studios for big-brand, agency-driven motion ad content! Badpixel is the invisible secret weapon of many major ad agencies. Find out why!

Video Post Production

Just say NO to lazy canned presets and filters! 4k/8K cutting, world class colour grading & finishing. Real-time renders. Live, remote & in-person post sessions. Custom, purpose-built broadcast-calibrated suite to get it looking incredible in less time than you can say “Damn, we should have used Badpixel on ‘X’” Learn more!

Badpixel | PostProduction
Badpixel | VideoProduction

Video Production

You’ll never hear “Fix it in post” on a Badpixel shoot… Because we’re usually the ones doing the fixing! Avoid costly processing of ill-prepared footage. Eliminate offline editing from your production with our direct camera-to-delivery workflow. We move your cinematically shot content to market FAST! Find out more!

Audio Production & Post

Pro mixing and mastering for tv and online ads, sound design, custom scoring and recording services in our dedicated pro-audio production studio! Save time and budget on your audio line items when you integrate our audio services into your next Badpixel production bundle! Click here for details!

Badpixel | Audio
Badpixel | VR

!Immersive / VR Content

Badpixel are pioneers in the branded VR / immersive content space. From 360 video capture and post, to digital 3D VR environments and architectural visualizations, real time 3D scientific visualizations over the web. Find out more about our next-gen motion and immersive services!

Badpixel Makerspace

BPHQ’s heart & soul is DIY. When we’re not on client projects, chances are we’re elbows deep in studio upgrades or a “Badpixel Builds’ episode. In 2019, we opened our makerspace up to clients, offering 3D design and light fabrication services for use in XM displays, signage, promo and installations! Find out more!

Badpixel | Makerspace