Badpixel is equipped to capture pro 6K cinematic multi-cam content at competitive pricing. When combined with our post services, the time and dollar savings are undeniable! Badpixel’s camera-to-post pipeline is 100% direct; eliminating the need for any transcoding, reformatting, or processing of raw footage. Say goodbye to offline editing!

Badpixel has planned, shot and finished tons of consumer-facing broadcast and digital spots for globally recognized brands in a multitude of formats! Our portfolio includes automotive, CPG, alcohol, tech and pharma! We’re a trusted name in small-to-medium scale video production for agencies, brands and businesses of all sizes!

Our innovative production & post packages were some of the first in the industry – offering complete, end-to-end content creation from prepro, all the way to final delivery under one roof.

  • Pre Production & Planning
  • Line Production
  • Casting (non-union on-screen and voice talent)
  • In-house 6k Digital Cinema multicam package
  • Pro cinematic lighting and glass
  • Licensed 4k Aerial (Drone) capture
  • Direct Camera-to-post workflow (no offline editing)
  • Mobile post workstation (on-set keys and grading tests)
  • Savings with end-to-end shoot/post packages