Badpixel is proud to have been the first shop of it’s kind to offer high-end, branded AR/VR and immersive content production as a service to our clients.

In 2014, we added 360 video capture & post as well as Unreal (UE) VR production to our offerings, becoming one of the first small content studios to deploy Unreal Engine for use in VR architectural visualization. In 2019, Badpixel became a Snap AR recognized partner. Most recently, the team has been working with TouchDesigner for use in the development of immersive, interactive XM installations.

Going with Badpixel production for your immersive project guarantees you an advantage over shops just recently adding immersive production services. Our established AAA VR visualization workflow is battle-tested and proven in-market.

  • 360 video capture & post
  • 180 stereoscopic video capture & post
  • Architectural Visualization (VR / Real-time 3D)
  • Product Visualization (VR / Real-time 3D)
  • Scientific Visualization (VR / Real-time 3D)
  • Immersive installation display work
  • Unreal (UE4) VR production & dev
  • AR dev (multiple platforms)
  • TouchDesigner dev
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