Our custom-built, broadcast-calibrated 8k edit and colour suite gets your material looking incredible in a flash! You won’t see lazy global preset filters in our content. Better results, custom tailored to every shot, balanced on calibrated scopes and displays. All for similar cost and in less time than most freelance or in-house editors using canned presets on uncalibrated gear and basic software.

Waiting for renders on revisions and alts are a thing of the past! Our timeline outputs are often FASTER than realtime allowing you to iterate and ideate as quickly as you can think it!

Need formatting? Broadcast, social, immersive or any of the countless weird, wonderful shapes and sizes in the OOH space – we’ve likely dealt with it at some point. Custom or novel formats are part of our day-to-day routine.

  • Multiple 8k-capable editing suites
  • Hardware cutting and grading control panels
  • Broadcast-calibrated displays and environment
  • Live, realtime remote and on-site directed sessions
  • FAST simultaneous animation and post workflows
  • Stereoscopic & 360 editing and post production
  • Realtime rendering capabilities
  • Custom and novel format support
  • Badpixel proprietary finishing process